Hi! I'm CG, a solo creator founded upon Christian principles!

I mainly make games and am also a full-time student! Not only this, but I also make dog bandanas in my spare time that totally exists to raise funds for rescues in my area!

Who I Am

CGD Studios, or Creative Games Design Studios (yes, they are the same thing,) is my way to try and make a difference in this world, and my chance to do what I love while hopefully sharing the good news of the Gospel as I go! 

The Why

Growing up, I really enjoyed playing games, but there were only so many I wanted to play. So many games these days are filled with fighting, magic, and/or microtransactions. All things that I do not like. And so, when I learned to program over the lockdown, my natural next step was to try and make a game. Or two. Or ten. (Still working on the ten!)

Now, I'm dedicated to making the kind of games that I would have actually wanted to play when I was younger, and hopefully can be enjoyed by others as well!