The Bandana Project

And why, of all things, dog bandanas?

You may be thinking: "I thought this was a game studio. Now you're talking about bandanas?"

Yes. Yes I am. 

When entrepreneurship first crossed my mind around the age of 10, I was convinced it would be with these dog bandanas I had recently started sewing for our own dog. I returned to this idea many times, but never with a plan of how to actually make it happen. Many years later, I have yet again returned to this childhood dream; but this time, with a plan!

Not only does this support making the games, (a costly endeavor by itself,) but it will also support the rescues in my local area, and hopefully some more around the country, and hopefully the rest of the world, as time moves on!

For each bandana sold, a portion of the profits from these bandanas will be forwarded to a rescue! Currently, these are only avaliable in markets (so, in person,) but at some point the plan is to open an online shop for them!